Fossil Bay Energy is an emerging leader in Exhaust Gas Injection Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology and equipment, fielding the oil industry’s next-generation fleet of portable exhaust gas processors (EGP). EGPs produce their own high-volume, corrosion-free and oxygen-free CO2 (13%) and N2 (87%) injectant gas-mixture to re-pressurize and revitalize oil production in America’s old, mature and pressure-depleted oil fields.

Optimally matched to the geological characteristics of the target oil field, Fossil Bay’s N2+CO2 gas injection process over time builds-up and restores the needed reservoir drive-pressure to produce new oil supplies at a lower cost than conventional pipeline-delivered CO2 EOR projects.

Industry veterans and managing partners, Dan Kulka and Mike McGhan, have teamed up to exploit this patented Exhaust Gas Injection EOR technology, and are currently putting together a senior EOR management team.