CO2 EOR Investments

The Best Tax-Deductible Retirement Investment? Portable CO2 EOR Oil Field Re-Pressurization Projects If, according to America’s savviest Wall Street investors, “Oil is the best investment” – then the “Best Oil Investment” today is Portable Exhaust Gas Injection CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery. Socially-responsible and Patriotic Investors, who would like to use their money to do somethingContinue Reading

Exhaust Gas Injection CO2 EOR

Former Valerus and Hanover Compressor Co-Founder Mike McGhan Joins Fossil Bay Energy to Bring Portable CO2 EOR Gas Compression & Injection Technologies to Depleted Oil Fields New fleet of Exhaust Gas Injection CO2 EOR platforms/skids can re-pressurize and revive oil production in thousands of pressure-depleted oil wells whose reservoir characteristics can benefit from gas injectionContinue Reading

CO2 EOR Oil Production

Replace Unconventional Shale Oil Production with Portable CO2 EOR Oil Production By Larry Shultz, COO Fossil Bay Energy LLC At half the cost and 8-10 times the ultimate oil recovery: Thermal + Chemical + Exhaust Gas Injection CO2 EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) can revitalize oil production in hundreds of thousands of currently closed andContinue Reading